Factory balls app level 39

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Any cheats for Factory Balls Level 39?

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Boo! Factory balls Level 15 Android iOS walkthrough solution A Bart bonte game

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Hints for level Ok here we go for level Start with the middle vertical bit: Spiderbabe hint for level It took me two-and-a half days, but I finally got it. I LOVE this game! Please make more levels! Please help with level 43??? It's driving me nuts! Thank you. Caity level 43 is a bit like 33, remember to always keep protecting the round bits with the headphones! What do you mean Tim? Are talking about the mobile game? Just tap the tools or drag the ball over the tools. I love your games! Your written walkthrough for level 42 isn't working out.

Can you please clarify? Level I'm not really big on games, but this one is ingenious! Hope the Christmas one becomes available. May I suggest adding an undo button? And I'm stuck on Yeah thanks for this nice game. Bart said By popular demand, here's the complete solution for factory balls mobile. Keeps freezing on level I've completed puzzle twice but the ball doesn't go into the box.

I've tried dragging it there but it just pops out. Running Android 4. Want to keep playing! Please help!