Iphone 5 not sending picture messages verizon

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Problem 2: iPhone 7 not receiving group texts, only individual texts, group messaging issue

If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers. I am now unable to send photos to my fiance, who has a new-ish Samsung Galaxy.

I can send and receive texts just fine — I am only having trouble sending pictures to his android phone. I was able to send photos to him without any issues before we both got new phones. I have not tried sending photos to anyone else with an android. I restarted my phone and reset my network settings. It still does not work. Do you happen to know the solution? I am sorry if it is already on your website.

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Hi Katherine. Any text message that has an attachment is automatically converted to MMS as well. Contact your carrier for further troubleshooting. Make sure that MMS is enabled before you contact Verizon. To do that:. For instance today I received 5 text communicating with a group and then did not receive the last 5 text sent from the group.

Or for instance received an original text to a group but no replies other than from the person who sent the original text.

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Any assistance would be helpful. Hi Montymom2. You must be part of a Group SMS. Here are the differences between each one:.

Text messages show up in wrong order

Group iMessage are shown as blue bubbles in your Messages app. This is a convenient type of group message if all members in the group uses iMessage. In this setup, every member can send and receive photos and videos, as well as see all responses from the group. Group SMS on the other hand also appears as green text bubbles. Each member cannot see the responses of other members in the group. Its not going at all. So I upgraded to Iphone X. Well, yes I do!

Does the iPhone Use Data to Text People?

Apple says its Sprint and Spring says its Appple. I have a question to anyone who reads this. Are you all Sprint customers having this issue? Just curious if its other carriers, then that leads me to belive it is Apple. My husband and 13 year old son have the same issue. I do not feel that we should be paying for services that do not work.

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They all act like they have never heard of this happening before. Yet, its everywhere that people are complaining. I started having this problem, i. I found at that time that restarting my phone would allow the text to go through, but had to do it every time. A carrier settings update seemed to fix the problem, but a recent carrier settings update seems to have reintroduced the problem. I can no longer send texts to non-iphones and a phone restart and everything else does not resolve the problem. This is a big deal for me as my husband and mother do not have iphones.

To me sprint is clearly the problem. Do we need to wait for another settings update? I have an iPhone 6s, but will a new updated one do the same. Have been having the same problem. It started this summer.

Solved: Not receiving texts from Verizon - Sprint Community

Sometimes a hard reset solves it. Sometimes it does not. So frustrating! We set up groupme as a work-around and that is working fine.


I have an Android and am having problems with messages not being received buy a friend with an iPhone. This does not happen routinely, but only on occasion. Any help or suggestions? My daughter has a new iphone always had an iphone. I have galaxy s6 edge always had samsung phone.

She can receive messages from me but cant send them to me.

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Only me no problems with any other numbers. Please help. If you get a good answer for a fix let me know, I have the same issue cannot Text from iPhone 5S to a Samsung both using Verizon! Not simple as I have done that it still will not send from iPhone 5S to a Samsung both using Verizon.

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