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You may see less street names when compared to a hiDPI display, but in the grand scheme of things, this beats the mapping user experience of a 3. Since the display size is at the heart of any such activity, this smartphone has a built-in advantage in that regards. However, the lower resolution is something that bites when it comes to watching photos on the phone.

Fortunately, the display does a good job during movie playback. With animated images, the lower resolution is harder to perceive, and you basically end up with something that is DVD-like on a 5. Would a higher resolution be visibly better?

Yes, if you have a good sight. I was a bit worried about gaming performance when I first glanced at the specs, and I went in without expecting much. Since there are less pixels to compute, games do run at interactive rates. The Epic Citadel demo hits The imaging capabilities of the Samsung Mega 5. The overall color balance and restitution is great and photos look life-like with vibrant colors.

Of course, the Mega 5. For this smartphone, this is probably the tough section. I told you that when I looked at the specs, I was worried about the raw performance of this hardware and the numbers below will confirm the initial impression. To make a long story show, this is more or less the performance of a Galaxy S3 if you look at it from an overall systems performance perspective Antutu benchmark. Overall, I would consider this phone to be somewhere between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3 in terms of performance.

Here are the details:. As you can see here, in terms of overall systems performance, the Antutu 3. This should provide a user experience that has been proven to be largely sufficient for the past year or so. When you dig a little deeper in synthetic numbers, the graphics benchmarks show contradictory numbers. GLBenchmark hints that the Mega 5. But the BaseMark X benchmark seems to imply that both Mega smartphones are near peers.

Additionally, the lower resolution saved its bacon when it comes to pixel performance. With less cores and less pixels to manage, the Galaxy Mega 5. This means up to 11 hours of DVD-quality video playback. Really good, right? However, if you are a person who wants to benefit from a large display and good overall experience without playing the price for a high-end phone, this is a sound choice.

As I used it, it felt better than the Galaxy Note 1, but not quite at the level of the Note 2. I came into this review thinking that the Mega 5.


Not a bad deal at all. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5. The Mega family of device, which includes the giant Mega 6. Galaxy S4, Right: Galaxy Mega 5. However, Samsung made sure to include its one-handed operation feature, which shrinks the keyboard and shifts it to the right or left, depending on your preference. Keys on both the Google and Samsung versions of the keyboard were large and well-spaced.

The Swype keyboard was more compact, but we preferred using Samsung's keyboard due in no small part to the inclusion of a number row. Fan favorites such as Samsung's Multi Window Mode are front and center on the device. Similar to other Galaxy phones, you can customize the Mega's lock screen with widgets and shortcuts.

Seven customizable home screens are available to the user. There are 16 quick settings buttons in the notification drawer, enabling users to toggle everything from Wi-Fi connectivity to unique features such as Smart Stay. These buttons can be rearranged by clicking on a tile button in the top right corner of the notification drawer. We also appreciate the brightness slider. However, as a midtier product, the Mega doesn't have all the bells whistles and gestures of Samsung's flagship, the GS4.

We prefer the cleaner Chrome. The massive display afforded us plenty of surface area to simultaneously surf the Web and scroll through our Facebook feed.

How To Control Your Galaxy Device Without Touching the Screen (Air Gesture)

These apps can be placed onto half of the screen, allowing the application to run concurrently next to any other app. We found it useful to browse the Web and check our email at the same time. Though we were able to view videos in Multi Window Mode, we preferred Samsung's pop-up play feature, which allowed us to play clips in a floating, draggable window that appeared on top of our desktop and other apps. With Air View, users can access information previews, progress previews, speed dial previews and magnify Web page areas by simply hovering a finger over emails, Web pages and progress bar.

When we hovered over our email, we saw a box displaying the first three lines of our message. The Web page magnification ability was particularly useful, letting us enlarge certain passages of Laptopmag. Just keep in mind that Air View can be too sensitive at times; fortunately, it's easy to turn off this feature.

Galaxy Mega

The audio translator, which looks almost identical to Google's own Translate app, allowed us to speak into the microphone or type in text and have it immediately translated in text or spoken aloud. We spoke a Spanish phrase into the microphone and watched as it was accurately translated to English.

There's also a handy list of preset phrases that might be of use to tourists, such as "here is my passport. S Translator's engine is built directly into the email client. Users can select the Translate button whenever a foreign language email is received and S Translator will convert the note to the reader's native tongue. We sent a note in Spanish, which was translated correctly, although we had to manually select the original language because autodetect did not work.

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Samsung includes a helpful collaboration and entertainment features called Group Play on the Mega, which allows users to share music, documents and photos from the phone or play games with other Galaxy S4 and Mega users over Wi-Fi Direct. There's also a music-sharing feature, which allowed us to play a single song over multiple devices by connecting to friends' phones, which seemed like more of a party trick than something we'd regularly use.

WatchON has also been added to transform the phone into a remote control via the built-in IR blaster. There's also the S Suggest app store if you're looking for some app recommendations. Third-party apps include Amazon Kindle, Trip Advisor, Flipboard and Qello, an app to check out the latest live concerts and documentaries. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is powered by a dual-core 1.

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There's enough oomph here to play casual games and navigate menus and launch apps at a relatively smooth pace. However, this handset isn't nearly as fast the Galaxy S4's 1. During our testing, the Mega got consistently outgunned by the S4, taking longer to launch apps and rotating the screen. When we played the first-person shooter "N.

On the Quadrant benchmark, the Mega scored 8,, easily topping the 5, smartphone average. When we tested graphics performance, the Mega notched 5, on 3DMark, far below the 8, average. That's slower than the 7: The Moto X took just 6: Using Speedtest. We loaded NYTimes. The Galaxy Mega's 8-megapixel rear camera does a bang-up job on delivering vibrant color and nice contrast. In side-by-side shots of flowers with the GS4, the Mega delivered richer, more realistic color.

The Mega did especially well with greens, blues and pastels, such as pink and lilac. The Galaxy S4's megapixel camera offered sharper images with more detail, however. A shot we took of a golden retriever puppy near a bed of flowers looked quite clear and mostly in focus.

Indoors, an image we captured of a painting was a little fuzzy but bright. The Mega's rear camera can shoot p videos that are sharp and colorful. We took some video of a busy street in Manhattan and yellow cabs really stood out. The 1. We took a picture of ourselves and could easily make out the details of our jean jacket and red shirt dress.

Colors were crisp and rich.

GALAXY S4 Features: 4 Surprising Things You Can Do on GALAXY S4

Compared to the GS4, the Galaxy Mega has an abridged selection of camera features. Still, there's Best Face Mode, which selects the most flattering faces in a photo from a list of thumbnails, creating the best-looking image. Sound and Shot is another fun mode that captures 9 seconds of audio to play along with a still. Samsung's Story Album monitors your photo-shooting activity and sends you notifications suggesting you turn your photos into attractive virtual flip-books.