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Good Luck. As for the Nokia unlock….. Keep asking. The i can be unlocked…. Can anyone please help me unlock my old Nokia i? It is not jailbroken. I was able to use it in Airplane mode, with wi-fi on and find a free wi-fi signal and call back to the United States. A 6 minute call from Italy cost me 20 cents. I had Airplane mode on, wi-fi on it defaults to off when you select airplane mode and data transfer off.

I just went to my wi-fi in settings and wandered around a neighborhood in Venice until I picked up an unlocked wi-fi router and made the calls. So are you saying that if you use Skype on your Iphone3G or new Iphone when you are traveling that there is no international charge? Does you phone have to be on a particular setting to assure there are no charges involved, and I am assuming you must be in a WIFI area. Is this also true of the IPAD? I have a 3G iPhone. What I did was open by Settingsand turned on wi-fi in the Airplane mode.

Then, while walking through Rome, I search for unlocked wireless routers and connected that way. Once I connected, I stopped and checked my mail and used Skype. Worked like a charm. Will ipad 1 take a SIM? I am only talking about Rome. Has anyone figured out how to use the free wifi all over Rome with their American iphone?

Apparently you need an Italian SIM card and then you need to register your phone number with them. Depends on the iphone — if you have an older iphone, or a newer one with the appropriate older baseband, you can jailbreak it — AND you can unlock it to use a SIM card. Does anyone know if I can forward my cell phone to a skype number and receive and make calls for free on my IPhone 4 while in Europe?

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Just pre-pay for your calls through there. Very cheap. Wi-Fi only. Hi, I am travelling to Turkey in less than a week. Dan — my iPhone had iOS 4. This particular jailbreak also unlocked the phone automatically. So you could use a European SIM card with a data plan in it right out of the box, if you find a non-contract data plan.

I just jailbroke my iphone 4 4. Someone told me or I read that jailbreaking alone will not allow you to use another SIM card successfully, that you need to have an unlock of the phone itself in order to use a SIM card from another carrier. Just got back from Italy, using my iPhone in Airplane mode and picking up wi-fi hotspots. I went to my Settings, and searched for unlocked wi-fis as I walked through Rome and Venice. When I connected, I was able to check my email and use my Skype app to make calls.

Wayne, Thanks. That answers my concern about Skype, and lets me know I can get by with Skype, and not have to get a sim card for voice. Still leaves the burning question about getting data sim card while in Europe, and whether the hotspot wireless tethering will work between the iphone and the ipad. Hope to hear from anyone who may have tried. I forgot to mention that while I was in Europe I forward ALL my calls to my Google Voice number which automatically transcribed messages and made them available to listen to on the web.

My daughter used this the entire 9 months she was working in Europe. You can just log on to Google Voice and check your messages. It worked great because of the time difference where actual calls would be impracticle. When you said you used it as a hotspot, did you also mean you used the newly implemented hotspot wireless tethering between the iphone2 and an ipad?

However, were you able to use MyWi in Europe, with a wirelessly tethered ipad? What program s did you use to jailbreak AND unlock your phone, and did you have any trouble re-installing your ATT micro-sim card once you returned to the states?

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Others have cautioned that 4. Do you have to install Skype on your ipad before going to Europe to make it work, and will it work once you jailbreak it and install a European sim card? Lots of questions, and hopefully, anyone who has experience can help.

Thanks again for your very helpful comments. Dan — I used my iPhone 4, iOS 4. This app let me turn my iPhone into a hotspot that at least 5 WiFi devices could connect to when I had my cellular connection working for data. The hard part, once your phone is jailbroken, is finding a SIM card in Europe with a data plan that is affordable. My experience with T-Mobile in Germany was pricey but within reason; my experience with Orange Mobile in France was astronomically expensive it used up my pre-paid minutes whenever the iPhone was turned on! Yes, this is quite annoying about the Iphone.

I travelled around Europe last year, looking forward to using my iphone as my guide. In fact I got it for this purpose. Unfortunately there was never any wifi in sight. Only in big cities, big hotels and American coffee shops, all of which things I try to avoid when on holiday. I am from Holland by the way. Tanja, Thanks for your comment. To clarify: I really need a sim card that will work in my iPhone 4, and allow hotspotting for data usage, so my iPad2 will work seemlessly, and without having to have a separate sim card for the ipad.

Dan, I got the phone with a contract in the Netherlands. It cannot be unlocked. This link: I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad2. ATT iPhone 4 hotspot feature has just been implemented for 4. Has anyone had any experience with jailbreaking an iPhone 4 with 4. Can you get such a sim card that allows you to hotspot connect and pay for data usage as well as make calls on a per-minute basis I assume , and only have to worry about one sim card for both the devices?

I will not be using ATT overseas at all as a consequence, and would appreciate any help. So PdaNet is looking really good, right? Well, there are drawbacks: Before your trip, I would jailbreak your iPhone assuming there is an untethered jailbreak available , install PdaNet or some other similar app , and test said app with your iPad with cell service disabled to ensure that you have Internet service on your iPad from your iPhone.

If successful, you should be ready to rock-and-roll in Europe. So your better option is to try the data tethering first…as it would allow you to use both devices. I plan on going this summer. Anthony, Thanks very much for your input. I was actually hoping that someone has already tried this in Europe with Hotspot on the iPhone 4.

I may decide to do this, and install Skype for emergency use. Can you install Skype on your phone while in Europe, or do you have to do it before traveling? And does the jailbreaking done in Europe wipe out your Skype account if done in Europe? Honestly, I came to Paris to work a few years ago and have ended up living here. What I recommend for my friends that come is just bring the phone you have, and go to the Phone House http: Of course, that means phone calls and texts only unless you want to pay the premium.

My wife is headed to Italy for two weeks with a girlfriend. How would I get a telephone number? Is there a way to make it a pay as you go phone? I will only need to use the Nokia a few times to let people know I have arrived at a bus stop or train station. Would use a pay phone but they are becoming so scarce.

Will appreciate any advice. If I have a text and turn off airplane mode will the text come through? In other words, will it wait for me? I used my iphone in Amsterdam and Turkey on wi-fi and kept it on Airplane mode the entire time. Airplane mode is the way to go! Most hotels have wi-fi. Bob Yes. I have an old iphone that my son gave me that I use like an ipod touch. It has no contract with any phone company. I can even make telephone calls on it using Fring. Sipgate also has its own app on itunes that allows you to use it as a Voip phone assuming you have a telephone number through sipgate.

Susan — If you want to use your iphone for navigation you will need to have an International data plan and I would expect that it would need to be a fairly expensive international data plan in order to use Google Maps and check sites. It might be cheaper to buy a GPS to take along with you that has European maps. This is all great information. My last 2 trips abroad I turned my phone off until I landed back in U. But I want to use my iPhone mainly for navigation and checking sites out during driving tour of French countryside in a few months.

I am not versed in all the iPhone lingo. What us the recommended way to use phone exclusively for that purpose? Can a smart phone be used just to check and send emails, surf the web, etc. Unlocking it is really what allows it to work on other networks…the jailbreaking only allows non-approved apps to be installed on the phone. The quality is mediocre, but you get what you pay for. We are moving to Germany for 2 years, military. So, if you are military you can suspend your service for 2 — 18 month periods — this allows you to keep your phone numbers, allows you to reactive your service when you return to the states for family visits, and they waive fees.

When you return to the states you can call and get some sort of service. My questions are: Am I able to use airplane mode while service is suspended? If I jailbreak and get a German sim card for the phone what that will do to our suspended contract? Does that sound like a logical plan? Does anyone have a suggestion for doing it better? As someone has already noted: Make sure airplane mode is ON, wifi is ON because you will be using voip through the internet to make your calls. Try it before you leave the US — call your own phone.

I did this in Ireland in and it worked great. You do need WiFI access, but it seemed to be easily available. I will be lost without my iPhone in England so I am so glad everyone answered these questions!! I am with Verizon so I am assuming the same carrier charges and issues are pretty relevant to me too. Check with Verizon. I spent a week in Austria and Slovakia on business in Dec. When I left home I placed Iphone in airplane mode. I purchased 10 dollars of credit with skype and had the app on my phone. I was able to make calls to the US for 2. Do a little work before traveling abroad and make sure your hotel has wifi and find wifi hotspots and you can talk to friends and loved ones as much as you like.

S phone number from Italy using Skype? Does Skype know where you are if you are connecting over the Internet? I see rates for calling Italy but none for calling from foreign countries back to the U. When I use my american skype account to call local paris numbers when im living here in paris..

I am an American using blackberry and living in Paris but traveling worldwide. I used to have iphone and i miss it like crazy. This is simply not possible as if you have monthly contract fee, your choice of travelling is of no concern to your service provider, you signed the contract in fact if you have a contract you have already have had the cost of your phone subsidised by taking a contract in the first place.

Which leads us onto the subject of unlocking…….. Anyways thanks, and I appreciate your reply. We show no interest in learning about other cultures. Besides, the purpose of the contract is for the phone company to recoup the money that they spent to reduce the price of the phone for the consumer. Regardless of how we use our phones overseas, the cell company is still collecting their monthly bills for the duration of the contract…and therefore recouping their money. The above was directed to Steve Angel…not Steve from travellingprofessor.

Ah, crap. Sorry Steve. I received your post via e-mail and thought it was just a general post…not a reply. I will be traveling to Italy with my husband and daughter in January. We have two iPhones, one a 3GS and one a 4. As we will only be there for 2 weeks, I am confused about getting the international data package from ATT. On earlier posts they said I would need to purchase 3 months. Is that correct? Also, is it allowable for US citizens to buy disposable cell phones in Italy? I will be traveling to Paris with four other friends soon.

If the five of us are in Paris and are calling each other, do we dial the U. I just returned from a one month trip to europe. If you have an iphone or current itouch, if you will be staying in a hotel with wifi, are not needing to be contacted regularly or are willing to wait until you can sit in a cafe with wifi, then the cheapest way is to download the app Truphone. If you need to be contacted, just have work, family or friends send a text then find a place to call from. Buy the cheapo data package. Most hotels in Italy have free or cheap wi-fi, although sometimes you have to be in the lobby or close to the lobby to access it.

For phone usage, buy a cheap phone in Italy and buy some time. To mkcoleman: I will be traveling to Europe soon with my iphone and am wondering: Can I turn on airplane mode, find a wi-fi spot and use internet and e-mail and incur no extra charges? I only want to use Internet like I do in US.

I was Lost walking around without my Internet. I use wi-fi and keep airplane mode on always. I asked them, if those extra two months of billing would be refunded when I canceled. The person on the phone clearly said this. I went to Europe with the phone—a Blackberry.

Like they warned me, I waited two months after I got back to cancel. After a long, argument with several of their employees I asked them to put me through to their cancellation department to immediately cancel my entire phone plan. So, expect to pay for 2 months of extra overseas data if you get their overseas data plan.

My advice is: The future is WiFi. I am preparing to go to Europe for a few weeks. In other words, if I need to stay in contact with someone back in the US I can do so for free via Skype. Mixed experiences! In Germany, I found a pre-paid T-Mobile card Deutches Telekom that charged by the minute used up my pre-paid credit for calls or for data. It was decent. I advise against this! Whenever your iPhone is on, and not in Airplane mode, it uses minutes! I really missed being connected in France. If you need data in Germany, check out the T-Moble Kart.

If you need data in France, God help you! Try to get help from one of your friends who live in France. I found and then lost a link to a company that sells sim chips that work across Europe; I thought it was too expensive until I got to France! What an amazingly useful article and comment thread! This is straightforward and clear. But I have no idea which countries that will work in, or even if the price is still that low. Just be sure to be specific mention 2g when you do a google search for the jailbreak software…and the unlock.

But there is a bunch of information out there. Like I said, be specific in your searches and make sure the articles you read are referring specifically to 2g iPhones.

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I have an older first-gen, I think iPhone I no longer use. Or would I need to activate my older iPhone with a new service plan or something first? Thanks for the info. Where would I find a SIM card that has data? Anyway, to answer your actual question…. There are several options. Once you jailbreak your phone, then you will run another piece of software to unlock your phone. The software that you use for this depends on what you used to jailbreak your phone.

If you do a little research, you will find a wealth of information. Blackra1n is one example of jailbreak software. Good luck! Nevermind, I found it version 3. How can I tell? Hey Community!! I went to Canada and had airplane mode enabled, and wifi on. How is it possible they knew I was out of the country? CA addresses? I too had that misfortunate phone conversation with an ATT rep prior to taking my iphone to Prague this spring.

I decided to forgo their expensive options and just kept the airplane mode on. Fortunately, my hotel offered free wifi so I had free access to my email. However, I did need to make a phone call back to the US but was unable to do so even after turning off the airplane mode. Fortunately, I happened upon a pay phone and utilized that instead.

I thought that a croc because I never had to do that with my LG or Blackberry when I used them in Europe years before. I have since learned that I should have gotten the Skype app and would have been able to make cheap phone calls from my wifi enabled hotel room. Live and learn. Jay, there is a small hole the size of a paper clip on the top of your iPhone. Push a paper clip into the hole and the tray that holds the sim card will slide out. No clue if that was a special price, or what countries it covered.

Maybe someone on here can help you. Dmitri, wishful thinking. You signed a contract to pay every month for 2 or more years.

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If you do drop your calling plan to the lowest minutes, realize that you will lose all accumulated rollover minutes except for the amount equal to the anytime minutes of the calling plan that you drop to…. If your iOS version is slightly older, you might be able to jailbreak and unlock. There are some tutorials online, or if you look around hard enough, you can probably find one at a cell shop in Europe. Well for the frequent traveller Travelplan now has an offline flight schedule app so no need to have a connection to find flight or hotels when travelling. I am going to be in Prague for the next four months and just got the Iphone 4.

Do any European cell phone providers have the micro sim card that fits into the phone so that I can get a plan while I am there? I like the sound of your ideas. I assume it will work with 3GS and 4. Now the silly? Is there a good all Europe card for data? Thanks for the suggestions.

So do you still get charged a monthly service fee from ATT despite the phone being effectively not in use? Rude and not even right. Aww, another person content with a crippled iPhone err, I mean iPod Touch. And thanks Dexter. It amazes me how fearful people are about jailbreaking their phone.

Skype OUT calls cost about 2 cents a min to a landline or cell phone anywhere. I told him about using Airplane Mode all the time and it works like a charm. Listen to Anthony!!! Jeez Ellsass… I really enjoy using my iPhone in Airplane mode. Truphone is a great WIFI phone service, and it works perfectly for me. If I leave it at home, how am I going to use all the many other functions of the iPhone?

The iPod, currency exchange, translator, notes, e-mail, etc? If you jailbreak your iPhone, you do have to wait to update your iPhone until they release the new jailbreak. However, with that being said, you will have so many features and more via the jailbreak that not even the latest update from Apple will provide. Obviously though, the more you open, the bigger the drain on the battery. Or you can jailbreak your iPhone and get unofficial data tethering and not get double-billed for your data.

Obviously everyone needs to make their own decision based on their needs. However, if you update before saving those SHSH blobs, you will lose the opportunity to jailbreak until a new jailbreak is released for that update. Kinda confusing, I know. I think turning on airplane mode the whole time makes the whole point of an iPhone meaningless. Just saying! An MMS message is in short, a text message with a picture attached to it. The last line is the cost of data. And let's not forget the tax.

Let's sum it up to find out when it makes sense to use the TravelPass plan or Verizon's default plan and when it makes sense to find another solution. Verizon's TravelPass plan is a very good option if you are traveling overseas for just a few days or maybe even up to a week. However, if your trip is a couple of weeks or longer it makes sense to either get a different SIM card remember, all Verizon LTE smartphones and all iPhones after the iPhone 4 are unlocked.

Even Verizon's default plan may still be a good idea for some. If you can get away with turning off the data on your phone and perhaps even putting it on airplane mode, this plan may still make sense, particularly if you have access to Wi Fi. No, they are not. Wi Fi is essentially the data that you get when you are using a router.

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Most of us have a wireless router at home. However, when you are driving in the car and using Google Maps or checking your emails outside your home or office, you are using Verizon's service that comes from the towers on buildings or sometimes camouflaged as a tree. If you intend to use your phone with Wi Fi, please make sure to turn off the data roaming, or to put the phone in airplane mode, or to take the SIM out. Note that if you turn off data roaming, you will still get regular text messages and calls. If you put your phone on airplane mode, you will not get texts nor calls nor be able to use data - nor will you get charged.

Some phones require the SIM card to be in the phone just to be able to access the screen. Yes, Verizon's roaming rates are expensive so before you decide to use them when you go abroad, we recommend you check out two links. Will my Verizon phone work overseas? Most of Verizon's cell phones, especially the more expensive ones, use GSM, the same standard that most countries overseas use. However, Verizon tends to "lock" many of their cell phones.

This means that they do not let you put in a different SIM card than Verizon's. However, the good news is that many of their cell phones are unlockable, i. How do I know if my Verizon cell phone is unlocked? You cannot tell if your cell phone is unlocked just by looking at it. Besides referring to the above answer, the only way to know if your phone is unlocked, is to put a different SIM card in the phone than the current iPhone SIM. Do I automatically have international cell phone service with Verizon? Yes, international phone service is automatically enabled with Verizon.

If you want a plan however, like the TravelPass, you activate the plan through Verizon. Does Verizon offer prepaid international service? While Verizon does have international service, their prepaid pay as you go plans currently do now allow you to roam internationally. How is the international coverage through Verizon? Coverage is rarely an issue when traveling overseas unless you are going to very rural areas. In most countries, Verizon's service will roam on several different networks, choosing the network with the strongest service.

You can also look at coverage maps.

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Verizon offers several coverage maps on their website. However, the only way to know percent if there will be service at the Italian villa you rented in the Tuscan countryside is to speak to the owners or representatives of the property. There may be coverage in the surrounding areas or there may appear to be service on a map but, just like there are dead zones with every carrier in the US in a place like New York city, this is also the case internationally.

Having said this, typically you will find that their roaming plans offer slower data speeds than what you would experience back home. What is the best way to save money when I use my Verizon phone overseas? You will save the most money by not using your phone. However, since cell phones are fantastic tools for travelers while traveling abroad, this is the time when you may really need to use your phone for more than just small talk.

For example, if you see a two hour line a the cab stand at Heathrow, you may want to Uber your way into town. Or, if you are trying to find out just exactly how exotic that dish is that they are serving you in Shanghai but nobody knows the English translation, that Google Translate is your best friend. So, while not using your phone is a great way to save money, it is almost like saying that not eating is a great way to save money on food.

There are some tips that you can use that are helpful that still let you use your phone including, turn off data roaming until you need it. Don't use Verizon's international roaming plan. Instead, get an international SIM card from Cellular Abroad and lastly, use free Wi Fi when available unless you are doing bank transactions. Is there any way I can use my Verizon iPhone for free overseas? As a matter of fact, you can use your iPhone for free to text, watch videos, log on to face book, email and even to call.

The great thing about iPhones is that you can log into your account on any Apple device with wifi like the iPhone, iPad and access all your contacts. There are several great apps that allow you to message someone else, anywhere on the planet. If the other person you are messaging has iMessage, then you can use iMessage to contact them. Is it the same as "mobile Hot spot'?

I will follow your advice about the commercial emails. I'm so glad to know the ATT's iPhone works much better than others and the wi-fi is good there. I'm not planning on spend much on the plan. It's not bad. I'll get it for emergencies etc since we are traveling with kids! I will write my trip report when I get back and let you know how it worked for me. Thank you for all your advice! The last trip that my son used his Verizon Blackberry, he bought the international plan.

When he questioned Verizon, he was told due to updates on Facebook and his email that he went over the amount of his plan. They did adjust the bill somewhat, but it was still very expensive. The year before, he took his ATT Blackberry. His bill was way over the amount of the plan. He did get it adjusted because he had written down the name of the person who had told him that the plan was good for Croatia. It was not. Send a private message to scatcat. Find More Posts by scatcat. It worked very well -- once in a while we were with our 3G signal, and while wifi in Rome was fabulous, it wasn't always as good in more out of the way places sometimes it was great in our little flat in Bazzano, sometimes just not there!

Sometimes when we were out driving the 3G would fade out but it would come back again. We used the GPS everywhere. It was particularly wonderful when we were visiting hill towns and trying to walk places. Make sure you "save" your parking space when you visit a new place I also kept in touch with friends, posted photos on FB, etc. It was nice to have that 3G back-up when wifi was iffy. I'm afraid I'm coat tailing too but how well do the iPad and iPhone work in Turkey?

Anyone know? Send a private message to Bamalu. Find More Posts by Bamalu. Sounds great. Where do I find a TIM store? You shouldn't have any problem in Turkey. I googled it before we left and put the two that were closest to our hotel in my contacts list so that it popped up on the GPS map, and we were able to walk there first thing. Is it something I can do myself?

Iphone and ipad...will they really work in Italy??

I think you'll find that once you get outside major cities, there will be little 3G service in Italy, so that doesn't surprise me. The other thing that's not surprising is how much bandwidth using Google Maps constantly will use. Downloading those maps takes a LOT of bandwidth. If you really want a GPS, why don't you just rent one along with your car? We found a parking lot near the Parco Civico and walked through the park straight to the main part of "downtown. The post office looked like what we imagined Swiss Banks would look like! It is called Salice Blu -- that's the one the Chef sent someone to pick us up at our hotel and drive us to, and after dinner, the Chef himself drove us home!

Oh, great! I posted a totally unrelated response above! Obviously that has nothing to do with the Ipad. Yes -- you can switch out the cards yourself. I just wasn't sure how to do it, so I let the guy at the TIM store show me.