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Les Trois Elles was founded by Montessori teachers. We have years of classroom experience with hundreds of children. Our aim is to develop a range of truly educational and beautiful apps based on the Montessori Method. All our apps can be used at home or in class. They can also be used by speech therapists. Although our apps are designed for children to play on their own, we always recommend that parents guide them at least for the first usage.

Overview Witty the Robot is the animated, personable guide for young users learning about the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. He oversees the journey through thirteen chapters of information in an interactive digital learning tool.

Features include: Overview Sir Dapp! Users take on the role of contestants as they choose questions and answer them. Questions are multiple choice and read aloud to players.

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Features …. Tap Color Color by Number is a challenging and versatile color by number app. It includes a wealth of pictures to color and a wide color palette, making it satisfying to use and easy to find pictures that appeal to every type of taste. Gulangyu the Musical Rescue is a well-researched and interesting ebook designed to help children of all ages learn about the causes and dangers of climate change, and to discover some practical steps that they can take to begin to change the world.

Stickman Hook is a fun eye-hand coordination game that offers loads of opportunities for development of visual skills and problem-solving.

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It is simple to play and has hundreds of levels to keep players intrigued for a very long time. The only downside is the excessive number of advertisements in the free version. Stampy the Wizard and the Lost Wand is a fun interactive e-book app that young children will love. Hundreds of colorful photographs are paired with high-quality sound recordings to help children make connections and learn about the world. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Related Posts. Sandra Fleming 3 weeks ago.


For Teachers. For Parents. Montessori Words and Phonics is a simple-to-use app based on the Montessori learning method that can help children develop reading, writing and spelling skills.

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The app helps children understand that words are made up of sounds and helps them memorise the phonics associated with letters. The app has 3 levels of difficulty that cover basic CVC words and more complex words with long vowel sounds and blends. The app uses the Montessori Learning method Phonemic awareness and Phonics. The app is easy to use and navigate and once shown to your child they will be able to progress with the app unsupervised. The parent can sign the child in as a user and a user report, which can be locked, can be viewed by an adult to see how far the child has progressed.

However, this is protected by a parental lock. The app has a number on in-app settings that can be tailored to the child such as controlling letter appearance, showing solutions and allowing game interaction with words. Great for fine motor skills. The app displays in-app overlay instructions which is helpful to the parent and child.

Montessori Early Reading - Phonics & Rhyme games

There is also a clue to help progress, however we would like to see the clue reveal a letter at time rather than the whole word. The letters are in lower case this can be changed and they use an English accent. Once the word has been spelt the score is displayed in the top right and in the user report. Once answered the screen moves into an interactive screen where the child can play with shapes and patterns.

We are unsure of the educational value of this although it is noted that it can be altered in the Settings section.

‎Montessori Letter Sounds - Phonics in English, Spanish, French, German & Italian on the App Store

The consonants are displayed red and the vowels are blue. Overall we really enjoyed using this app and once set up the app can be used independently by the child with little support. The app is bright and simple and creates a fun phonics experience for kids. Get unlimited access to the 4 or 5-star teacher certified apps, lesson plans and user guides. Start your free trial now! Based on the proven Montessori learning method, Montessori Words helps children develop their reading, writing and spelling skills by building words from a set of word-image-audio-phonics combinations using a phonics-enabled Movable Alphabet.

Montessori Letter Sounds - Phonics in English, Spanish, French & Italian

Montessori Words helps children learn and understand two fundamental concepts. First, the app helps children understand that words are made up of sounds or phonemes phonemic awareness. For each word, your children can touch the empty rectangles where letters must be dragged to complete the word, and hear the sound the corresponding letter produces.

Secondly, the app helps children memorise the phonics associated with letters by providing a phonics-enabled alphabet where children can touch each letter and hear the associated phonic. Montessori Words allows you to select words according to their difficulty or sound categories. Level 1 displays a three-letter word with no difficulty for beginning readers CVC words. Levels 2 and 3 offer more complex words that contains more complex phonics as long vowels sounds or blends. To create an enjoyable experience, the app also includes sounds, animations, and interactive visual effects that are displayed after a word is completed.