Best winterboard theme for ios 7

If you love transparency, then this theme is just for you. This theme has about transparent icons that will stand out in their simplicity. If you want your iOS 8 to be in a warm, fun interface, then Lasso theme is just for you! It is a new, colorful and friendly Winterboard jailbreak theme that is unique because of its colors and about themed icons. This theme has about bright, fun colored theme icons.

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If you like flat design, including flat icons, Gliese is a Winterboard jailbreak theme that you should consider. This theme is made only for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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So, here are the best 10 Winterboard jailbreak themes that will create a whole new interface for your iOS 7 or iOS 8. Do you have other great themes in your mind? If so, please share with us and let us enjoy them as well. An added layer of depth makes things more intriguing. Not to mention the uniqueness of the way its icons are designed.

Having this theme active on your iPhone frames an extra level of charisma that truly is eye-catching. I hate to say this but Oyster has some of the cutest looking icons of all the themes available. The colors on the icons are splendidly faded which accord an eye-soothing getup when looked upon the screen from a distance.

Top 20 Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7.1.2

As a matter of fact, these icons are collectively designed by users as a substitute to the developer. This is because ArkLotif, the original developer was facing some difficulties working with the usual palette. So he open-sourced the theme and provided it to the community for free. Mint 2 is the second monotony of the original Mint theme. The prime peculiarity of this theme lies in the retro architecture of its icons. The cherishable aspect of this theme is its ability to be old-school as well as modern, both at the same moment.

This can be substantiated by contemplating the camera icon. Can you spot it though? Let me know its position in the comments down below.

The 12 Best iOS 7 Themes for iPhone

Nevertheless, Mint 2 is available from the Macciti repo: Uh, not too great, unlike the theme itself. The correct word to describe this theme would be- Luxurious. It feels like a theme for riches. The developer of this theme has used gradients extensively for scheming icons. And the best part is that icons are not fiddled with immensely, rather just tweaked a little bit so that you can remember which icon is which. That being said, the Minimal iOS 11 theme just masks the icons to make them a tad bit rounder than usual.

And only a spattering amount of icons are tweaked as the theme struggles to live up to its name.

Soft Remix for iOS 7

This is why it gains the title of the simplest theme in this list. You can check out this theme here. Amury is the theme that goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Lotus- the first theme in this list. If you are a fervent themer, you might have come across this theme once in your lifetime.

With vibrantly colored icons, slightly tweaked to prove their singularity, this theme is an all-time favorite for a lot of users. A simple theme with slightly tweaked icons, Onix is another one giving a shot at simplicity. Though its icons are vaguely designed, they look reasonably familiar. And the exclusive facet of this theme is the extra amount of depth supplemented to the icons.

Apart from the chronic paraphernalia, Onix packs in more than icons, not to mention the standalone control center and the settings theme. UI elements are also an extra godsend. Well, it seems palpable. Taha Broach 1 year ago.

The 12 Best iOS 7 Themes for iPhone

It supports more than a hundred icons so that it does not feel as if you are dangling between modern iOS and the older nostalgic one. Although, the best part about this theme is that it also offers to modify the status bar, the respring logo, the classic UI sounds, the classic labels, and the classic icons for the settings app to match the iOS 6 habiliment. Ever wanted that El Capitan look on your iPhone?

It has circular masking on all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs. The white border makes the icons appear in an apple-pie order.

Top 10 Best Cydia / Winterboard Themes (2012 Summer Edition)

Although, the theme emerges best on the springboard if you use a tweak to clean up your status bar. Additionally, setting an official El Capitan wallpaper will only augment the attire. Stencil lives up to its name by literally forming stencils of app icons on the home screen. It has iridescent icons that look good on any iPhone, preferably the black variants.

Depending on which version you choose, you get a different set of app badges, page dots, status bars and even activity spinners. Mojito is just as impressive and fluid as the real beverage. The theme is most notable by its lack of color, choosing instead to offer white on black, or black on white variations that are tinged with the odd dash of color here and there on icons. All stock Apple app icons are amended to suit the look of the theme, but rather than applying nasty drop shadows to the icon base, the designer behind Solstice has opted for a different method that includes taking the icon detail and applying long shadows to give the feeling of depth.

Over ninety third-party apps are supported by Solstice, with more being added weekly. Every single first-party app that ships with an iOS device has benefitted from an overhaul. The visual formatting that has been applied to the stock icons has also been provided to an expanding list of third-party apps to ensure that the "flat" look is consistent throughout the whole interface. The theme features a plethora of highly detailed, pixel perfect icons and was released days after the iOS 7 WinterBoard compatibility update.

With over individually crafted icons, an icon mask, a glossy elegant dock and a custom status bar design, Ayecon still leads the field when it comes to WinterBoard themes.