Can i switch my virgin mobile phone to sprint

Sign In. Boost Knowledge Base: Can't bring my number from Virgin Mobile Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: Solution Because Sprint owns both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, the numbers can't be ported from one brand to another, instead we call this an account migration. Version history. Thanks for getting in touch.

With SIMs it is less about the technology being updated, and more about the SIM being deactivated after an extended period without use. Hi Sandra, You can if the phone is unlocked. Put your SIM card in and try. You might have to call your network to activate it. I am o2, with old phone and I phone, my new phone is a 2nd hand samsung galaxy, locked to o2, but cnnot make, oe receive calls or texts? I connected to the. Metro APN and now get internet but I can not make calls or texts.

What could be the problem? When I put my Verizon Sim into the unlocked phone I can make calls, texts, and go on internet. This could be why you cannot make calls or texts. In which case, we recommend getting in touch with Metro PCS to ask for more information about what your options are. Most SIM cards are compatible in unlocked phones, however Cricket cannot guarantee that it will work. Some new phones let you connect the old one and transfer the photos and files.

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Your SIM card contains your mobile plan the amount of calls and texts you can send, as well as the data allowance and this will be carried over into any handset, as long as the mobile is unlocked. When you are transferring data across from Android to Apple, the majority of your free apps should transfer too. Unfortunately, you may have to re-download paid-for apps.

This is correct. As long as the mobile handset is unlocked, you can insert local SIM providers to use regional plans. Your SIM card carries your plan data, which is your calls, texts and data allowances. It will also store data such as your contacts list. Any multimedia files will be stored on your external memory card.

Hi, i have a note 5 on us cellular and was thinking of getting an unlocked note 8 from samsung, would i be able to use my us cellular sim card on the note 8 and have every thing work like a normal phone? As long as the Note 8 is unlocked, you will be able to transfer over your US Cellular mobile plan from your Note 5. Hi, if I have an Android and I buy an unlocked iPhone on amazon, would I have to go to my provider to get the iPhone on my carrier or would I just have to swap the SIM card without paying any extra for another phone.

Your data plan is carried in your SIM and you will not need to purchase a new one if you were to buy an iPhone. However, you may run into trouble with the SIM card itself. Depending on how current your phone model is, your current SIM may not be able to fit into your new phone.

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Even with the card back in the iPhone, the sender then has to resend their message before I receive it. You need to make sure you switch off iMessage when you move the SIM from your iPhone to your Samsung as this can prevent you from receiving texts — particularly if they are coming from another iPhone. I have a Moto Z from Verizon. I switched to Metro PCS and got a phone from them. I want to use my Moto I got from Verizon.

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Can I just swap out the Sim card or do I have to get the phone unlocked first? Also, could i do the same on a verizon iphone? This can normally be done by phoning your network operator.

How to unlock your iPhone on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile

Once unlocked, you will be able to access your missed SMS, but not your calls or any info on your other Apps. HI, I have a t mobile samsung galaxy on 5. My friend is giving me her lg k20 also t mobile How do I switch my payment to that phone without going to a shop or something. Your payment plan is tied to your account with your carrier. If you are swapping the SIM into the new LG phone, neither your payment or data plan will be affected.

Especially, if I was going from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8? I have a Google Pixel 2XL and am considering switching to an iPhone or to something more convenient like a One Plus 6 or a smaller android phone. My carrier is Verizon. If I buy a new phone is it as simple as taking out the SIM card in the Pixel and putting it in whatever the new phone may be, and all my texts and calls and whatnot will go to the new phone containing the SIM card? Or would I have to go to my service provider to have them set up the transition for me. If your new mobile is with the same carrier, then the transition should be seamless.

I have an iPhone on the Ting network. Looking to buy a new used phone. A guy says he has an unlocked iPhone SE. Hi, I have an iPhone 6S on a Verizon plan. It looks like the original device is locked. I have a Moto Z Play and I bought it making payments for two years, Verizon told me that if I get the Sim card out the phone will not work again with the data plan, unlimited texting or calling.

Is that true? I have to get the Sim card out if I want to fix my charge port. We think you should call Verizon again and confirm that your plan will end if the SIM card is removed. I would like to know if I can transfer the service from my Apple Watch to an unlocked SIM card and share that between an android smartwatch and android smartphone.

I work in a factory and need something more durable. So unfortunately, you will not be able to transfer the service. Thanks for your question. Please bear in mind that you will need to restore your files, as many of these are not carried on your SIM. Is it possible to transfer my data account info and phone number from one sim card to another one? I have my account , PIN code, and sim card number to the new one. I have the old sim card and a new one, but I think the old card is messed up.

Yes for the contacts. Choosen iCloud and your contacts will be saved to the Phone. I have a Iphone SE with Boost and request to unlock the device. Can I simply get a total wireless SIM card? We think you should call Boost and see if your phone is now unlocked. It sounds like you need a replacement SIM card. Back up your contacts if they are stored on the SIM and ask your network provider for a new card.

If we read correctly, we think you should call your old carrier to cancel the payments and ask them to refund any money owed to you. Then set up payments with the new carrier. It is hard to have money transfer across carriers. You should try it to see if it works. Sometimes a network locks both the SIM and the phone. If the SIM card is the same size and the new phone is unlocked, you should have no problems transferring the card to the new phone. My phone is fully paid off as well.

Yes, it is likely that your SIM card was not locked.

This is a separate layer of security. So for added security, you can opt to lock the SIM too. Yes as long as your iPhone is unlocked. Spanish SIMs from the airport will work just fine. If put your SIM into your new phone it should work. Call Verizon to make sure if anything comes up.

When I switched my sim to another phone, I got a text saying reboot to activate it. Do you think it will charge me? No, although your mobile carrier know what device you are using, they will not change your tariff or charges because of it. Yes, if you are in contract you will be charged whether or not you use the phone. What about prepaid phones? Would these be unlocked? Generally if you purchase a phone out right, then it is usually unlocked.

Virgin Mobile SIM swap - How to find your unlock code?

But you should always check with the retailer before completing the purchase. Just wanted to say all the questions I needed to ask are here AND that you have seemed to answer them satisfactorily….

Can I move my cell phone service just by moving my SIM to a new phone?

After reading about SIM cards at several other sites, yours offered the most clear explanation of moving cards between phones. Just wanted to give you the two thumbs up! If you have an old iphone 6S plus with 16 gb and you got a new one with 32 gb and if you switch the sim cards,do the gb go with the sim card so that the new phone would have 16 gb and the old phone would have 32 gb or would that not change? The storage capacity of a mobile phone is not related to the SIM card. This will not change once you move the SIM.

Still not sure about answer to my question. I have unlocked iphone 6 with Verizon. There is no Verizon service where I travel to on weekends. Only ATT. I want to use same phone number with both sim cards? The Verizon sim card will be in a baggie for weekends, and during the week the ATT sim card will be in the baggie. And if not, I can use same phone number, right? Thank you for getting in touch. You are unable to have the same mobile number on two different SIM cards. It seems like your contacts on your old phone need to be transferred.

Then try to put the SIM back in the new phone and save them to the device. You can read more here: Alternatively, you might want to try to connect your old phone to a PC and save the contacts on use a SIM reader. You can read more about this method here: I am close to losing the will to live Joke samsung appears incapable of understanding my problem on a forever internet chat. Okay I have a question.

So I had an iPhone 8 with virgin and I just got the X with virgin as well. I moved the SIM card over to the X and erased all data on the 8. Now I want to sell the 8 but is it already unlocked or do I need to call to unlock it? If you purchased the iPhone 8 with Virgin, then the phone is locked to this network.

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You would need to get this unlocked before selling on. Ok seems too easy to be true, so I just have to ask to be sure.

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I see this cool unlocked phone on sale via Amazon or whereever — I trust the source. I buy it. I already have a phone, fully paid for. My service provider is Verizon, and I am sticking with Verizon. I can just take the sim card from the old phone, stick it in the unlocked phone and I am up and running? I know none of the data transfers, but I can download what I need from Google.

I have to recreate passwords, download my apps, etc. I have a SIM card for Safelink wireless.

How do I switch SIM cards? You will need to eject it before entering your new SIM card. Please make sure that your phone is unlocked and that the SIM cards are compatible before doing this however. Otherwise, it will not work. They both have the same carrier. We currently have two iphones. So I am planning on switching my old sim card into the new iphone and putting the new sim card into my current phone to give to my daughter.

Will this work? Should I activate the new phone with the new sim card before switching the sim cards? Thanks for any help. In your case this should work. So I have a phone that recently broke, it was from Walmart on Total Free Wireless, my dad has offered to give me his old phone which is an iPhone 6s Plus on Verizon I believe. Your SIM card will only carry limited files and data. For instance, if your contacts or files are saved to your SIM then this will carry over.

Most of your other files will be stored in an external memory chip often located in the side or back of your phone. You can read more about this here: If I buy a new phone and it is not unlocked can I just switch the sim card if the phone is the same model? The phones would both be sprint. Hi, my granddaughter has a Iphone 5 and uses Smart talk. I just bougfht her a new unlocked iphone 7.

What do i need to do to transfer all her information as well as keeping her smart talk account. If your granddaughter is using an Apple iPhone, she will have an iCloud account where everything is stored.

How to unlock your iPhone on any carrier | Macworld

You can read about this here: It will depend how much she has backed up though, and may have to transfer some photos and video files for instance manually. After a month at Carrier B, I decide that the coverage is not good enough for me. Would their be activation costs or anything else switching back?