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From its synth-rock soundtrack to its gorgeously crisp graphics—rendered in the classic low-poly design—this mobile game is practically dripping with '90s arcade style. Beyond just the aesthetic, this pastiche also more than holds its own against the contemporary racing games on this list.

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We thought the button turn, gas-pedal-only controls handled brilliantly as we zipped though the game's 3 rd person, street-level-view curves. It may be two years old, but this is still the best top-down racing game you can play on your mobile device. In Reckless Racing 3 , Pixelbite Games has masterfully combined outrageously fun drifting dynamics, intuitive button controls and an ever-moving—almost cinematic—overhead view. Even though Reckless Racing 3 has the slowest in-game speeds out of all the racers on this list, you'll find sharp drifting no easy feat to master just as exhilarating as it is in zippier games.

The "Gymkhana" obstacle course mode may be some of the most fun I've ever had on my phone. Sure, the single touchscreen joystick is initially a bit awkward, and the game is admittedly light on levels. But Death Rally 's few shortcomings are quickly forgotten in the glee of gritty car-on-car combat think Contra meets Mario Kart , and the sheer fun of upgrading your car with new abilities and weapons.

There's a certain moment you'll learn to cherish in Death Rally ; it's when a better, faster driver is beating you Let that be a lesson, phone.

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It's no contest, Checkpoint Champion is the squirrelliest racer we've ever played. If you're like us, your out-of-the-gate driving inadequacies may remind you of flopping around in Surgery Simulator or QWOP This game relies on a unique set of controls where your right thumb sends your car in a clockwise arc, left jolts you into a counterclockwise turn, reverse is not an option, and pressing down with both fingers blasts your car into turbo mode.

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Your goal is to beat the clock, moving from one checkpoint to the next—slowly mastering the doughnuts and hairpin turns you need to scramble across the maps in time. Trust us, be patient and knuckle through Checkpoint Champion 's skyward learning curve. Your early frustrations will slowly transform into outright checkpoint addiction. It's frankly astounding that Real Racing 3 is a game on my phone. From a technical perspective, the game is flawless. Not only do the reflection of other cars glisten off my beautifully-rendered Porsche, but Real Racing 's physics engine actually feels just like driving a car should and.

So if you're looking for a legitimately console-quality, first person racing simulator, look no further.

The 10 Best Racing Games to Play on Your Mobile Device

With everything from 8-player multiplayer, to in-depth car customization, to the game's 'Time-Shifted Multiplayer' time trials you share with your friends asking for anything more out of this hyper-realistic mobile racer would just be petty. While Real Racing 3 may take the cake for realism, Asphalt 8 is a healthy reminder that, hey, sometimes reality is kinda boring.

Why waste your life shaving milliseconds off time trials when you could be turbo-boosting sideways off a goddamn cliff to overtake your opponents at the last leg of a Grand Prix race? We love Asphalt 8: Airborne for countless reasons. For one, the screen-tilt controls are just perfect. And the game's heavy reliance of turbo boosts and drifting make for a highly-stylized and insanely entertaining experience.

Three years old, and it's still our favorite racing game; everything about it still oozes ludicrous speed and high-octane thrills. Depending on your view of free-to-play games, Need for Speed: And, keep an eye on Real Racing TV for insights on the game, tips, and tricks. Race to earn these historic cars, then get ready to: Head to the starting line with the glorious Mazda B, the only rotary engine to ever win the famous race. Real Racing TV. In this update, the Koenigsegg One: Experience this dream equation, and also: Kick off this action-packed update with a special event, driving alongside the Stewart-Haas Racing team to earn Danica Patrick's Ford Fusion!

You can also: Two Hot Hatches have hit the track in Real Racing 3! To top it off, you can: The next evolution of Real Racing 3 is here with the addition of Formula E. Hit the streets of Hong Kong with an all new street circuit track, specifically designed for ePrix racing. Earn each one in a host of events this exciting update.

Top 15 Realistic Racing Games For Android & iOS (Online-Offline)

In-App Purchases See All. BMW Starter Pack. Porsche Starter Pack. Size 1.

Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple TV. All rights reserved. Price Free. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Need for Speed No Limits. SimCity BuildIt. Galaxy of Heroes.

A Pixel Perfect Airline Management Sim From The Creators Of Tiny Tower After spending the last 48 hours passing through various airports, sleeping very little and being crammed into economy airplane seating I don't think I'll ever consider a career in commercial aviation. Jet lag aside, there Read More. The question many will be asking is does it work for a racing game such as this? Like most free-to-play games there are two currencies, one that can be earned easily in-game and another more sparse premium currency known as gold.

The game awards you gold each time you level-up, and each race you take part in earns standard currency. There is time-based management involved as well, albeit less than similar free-to-play titles.

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The game keeps you topped up with gold and other currency is easy to earn, though if you want to race ahead then the option is there with in-app purchases that deliver cars, cash and gold. The mobile racing games uses racing aids to help with steering, braking and traction control. With all of these turned on all you really need to do is occasionally break and steer a bit.

There are plenty of options for controlling the cars too, with a choice of tilt-based steering, auto-acceleration as well as left-hand friendly modes. The graphics are as good as screenshots suggest, with no slowdown whatsoever on an iPhone 5. In addition to the surprisingly immersive in-car view there is a bumper cam, bonnet cam and a chase view.

The result is a game that feels like a full-priced console racer for free, on your phone or tablet. These tracks mix it up with multiple configurations, and offer a car grid for the first time in the series. There are a multitude of modes in Real Racing 3 to keep driving enthusiasts happy and to avoid every race being the same.

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These game modes vary from Speed Snap which requires you reach a certain speed in a set time to frantic elimination races in which the driver in last place gets eliminated until the race is over. The technology takes their performance on a given track, hands over to an AI and allows you to race despite the other person being offline. That is of course a big compliment, to be expected from a game as polished as this. Since its announcement the software has been on the The free-to-play model is a clever way of getting potential players thoroughly addicted without being too limiting.

Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Link for android play store: It's even better than some games from other gaming platforms and consoles, although it does drain the phone battery as fast as the cars that are featured in it.

Played it last night. The gyroscope works great with this game.