Best ebook apps for ipod touch

You can geo-tag your entries and photos. In the end, you can export your journal to an epub book. It means that you, and everyone you share your book with, could open it in a book-reading app, such as Kindle, Marvin, or… Gerty.

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Just imagine. After reading a book, you are left not only with memories but with another book — the one written by yourself. Is improving reading comprehension and speed among your to-dos this year? Picking up a dedicated speed-reading app would help achieve this goal. Some speed-reading apps, the ones that show one word or phrase at a time, may seem too extreme. Instead of getting involved, many users try using the one-word technique, get quickly disappointed, and never come back.

What if training your speed reading skills is optional and not so dramatically different? On the basic level, QuickReader is a nicely designed book-reading app with many customization options and built-in access to thousands of public domain books from such repositories as Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, or Internet Archive.

What I find particularly inviting is a customization of speed reading options and display. Besides setting the speed goal words per minute is an average reading speed , you can personalize the look of the highlight box. Instead of the highlight, you can pick up outline, side bars, or long underline. You can also set your preferred highlight box color.

And The Winner Is… Best eBook Reading App

Each book can be read in two modes: Normal and Guided Reading. The latter one is a great way to gradually improve your reading speed. The technique used to control the speed is simple — a small part of the text is being highlighted and moves forward at the speed you set. With three taps you can skip speed reading mode and come back to normal mode. The app also provides a simple speed reading test — a good thing to check out before you set the speed goal.

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Some book-reading apps offer basic stats that measure your reading progress, how much time you need to finish a book, or what is your reading speed. Leio is such an app.

5 of the Best Ebook Reader Apps for iOS

You can time your reading sessions, and they will be logged to a reading calendar so that you can see them in a longer time perspective. With a Planner tool, you can set up how often you want to read each book, and the app will remind you to read if you want to stay on track. An even more powerful tool lets you finish reading a book by a specific date. As time flies, the app will adjust the reading plan. Have you enjoyed this post? Feel free to subscribe by RSS or email to get free updates.

12 Best E-Book Reader Apps for iPad and iPhone

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Speed Reading eBook Reader - QuickReader App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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Jailbreaking is not for the faint of heart nor the non-techie people. However, if the files were designed to be displayed on larger computer monitors or to be printed on 8. Check out my website where I am experimenting with proper iPhone formatting for eBooks, Edited to remove advertising link.

However, there are a few of caveats: A POP account won't work, at least not consistently. I set up a free Yahoo email account just for this purpose. Mail is very slow with large files. I suspect Apple did this on purpose to dicourage the attachment storage trick! As I see it, the only way we will ever get legal eBook reading on the iPhone or iPod touch is if Apple allows the following: Access to file storage and retrieval on the device, including data and applications.

Apple is releasing the SDK software development kit late this month, but it is anyone's guess as to whether they will open up the file system to developers as well. I suspect not. Without opening up the file system we will be stuck with WiFi only apps and that is unexceptable. Imagine having a computer that cannot run any apps unless it is connected to the internet. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, No offense, but the Kindle Amazon's book reader seems to be totally over priced for what it does Thanks for the replies guys.

I have looked at dedicated ebook readers like the amazon kindle but I find it too expensive as well. Im never in a position where I need to carry several books with me. The size of the kindle isn't small enough though to make it worth my trouble to read that over a regular book.


Part of the appeal for reading a book on an ipod touch is because the device is pocketable. I can slip it into a pocket and pull it out should I have some down time, on top of having a ton of other functionality that would come in handy. Ebonygurl00 New member. I love using the Touch as an eBook reader. There are some really good books converted for the Books application already I'm so happy that I get to carry all of my Harry Potter books with me on my Touch! The backlight doesn't bother me, but maybe I'm just weird. I would definitely suggest that you buy it, because it's not just an eBook reader.

LucaBrasi New member. Stanza is a free ebook reader for the ipod touch. That's what I use. If you can wait 2 weeks, the new 4.

Best E-Reader Apps for iPad and iPhone

You might have to download it manually too via the AppStore. Not sure which one. Either way your iPod will become a pretty good ebook reader.