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Windows 8 js app tutorial

Networking Windows 8. Speech Using text to speech in Windows Phone 8 and 8. Tiles Introduction to tiles in Windows phone app Different tile templates and their properties in Windows phone How to create Secondary tiles on Windows phone start screen using c How to update and delete Secondary tiles on Windows phone start screen using c How to Create Secondary tiles on Windows phone start screen using images from isolated Storage How to Create a Custom tile layout with the help of Usercontrol as image source.

AppBar in Windows Phone 8. How to make TextBox lose its focus in Windows Phone 8. Finally, you can bootstrap your first React.

Writing Your First Electron App | Electron

You can use create-react-app by passing the name of your application to it on the command line:. The command line should give you an output where you can find the application in the browser. The default should be localhost: If you are only using IE or Edge on your Windows machine, I can recommend you to install Chrome as well to access the developer environment and the React Developer Tools which are available as Chrome extension.

On the other side, now you have an advantage over the MacOS developers, because you can debug your web applications in the Internet Explorer and Edge too. If you just want to learn React now, you could start to read The Road to learn React. At some point, you might want to share your projects on GitHub or collaborate with other people via the git version control. If you want to use GitHub as your platform of choice, you should create an account via their official website. GitHub is a social platform where you can follow other people you could have your first social interaction with me , like star their projects or collaborate on open source projects with other people.

In order to have git available on the command line and in Visual Studio Code, you need to install it.

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  • How to build a JavaScript Desktop App That Saves Windows Spotlight Images; An Electron Story?

You can find all the instructions on the official git website. Here again you need to download the installer for your OS with your 32 or 64 bit version. Afterward, you should be able to check your git version on the command line:. Afterward, you should see that Visual Studio Code already comes with a git integration as well.

Programming Windows 8 Apps using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

Furthermore, you can check out this essential guide on how to use git and GitHub. There is one optional step to make your experience as a developer more pleasant. Prettier is an opinionated code formatter for JavaScript. Often you will worry about your code style when implementing your web applications.

Running the App

You should have an opened file to perform it. Afterward, the file should format automatically once you save it. You and your team can follow one code style. If you want to have a configuration for each project, you can add a.

How to Build Your First Desktop App with JavaScript Using Electron

The following is only my personal recommendation of the content of a prettier configuration file in a project, but you can find all configuration over here:. After all, Prettier should be able to format your code with the general configuration file but also for each project individually. I hope you have everything to get started in React on your PC. Let me know what other tools you are using on Windows in the comments below. You may have noticed that we have sound files to cover A-Z and 0—9 keys. Head over to index. Yeah, of course you can copy-paste:. You can find the char codes key codes on this website.

The main functionality of the app is finished, but there is still work to be done! Even though the app is functional it still lacks some things here and there. For example, within the index. Moreover, the app has no design, no beautiful colors, and no pictures of either cats or dogs.

How to setup React.js on Windows

We have lots of identical code which can be optimized and improved. Good software must be thoroughly tested. The best scenario is you will hear the audio for every keyboard key you have specified in the code. But what will happen when you press many keys in a row as fast as you can? What about keys that are not even supposed to be pressed like the Home and NumLock buttons? What if you minimize the app and try to press a key? Do you hear a sound? This behavior is because of the architecture upon which Electron was built. This is outside of the realm of normal use-cases for an electron application.

Run through the code line by line and try to break it. See what is happening and what kind of errors Electron is throwing. This exercise will help you become better at debugging. If you know the flaws of your app you then know how to fix them and make the app better. In the functions. Can you spot it? Once you find it I would like you to think about how you can replace it without changing the app functionality. Using deprecated code is bad practice and can lead to serious bugs you might not even know exist.

Stay current with the documentation of the language to see what might have changed. Always stay up to date. I would like to thank and congratulate you for reaching this point! You now have the knowledge to create a simple cross-platform Electron app. Feel free to clone, fork, star and contribute to any of my public projects. Please come back and read again this article from time to time.

I will modify it to keep current with Electron updates. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my article. This article was originally posted on NeutronDev. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • How to build a JavaScript Desktop App That Saves Windows Spotlight Images; An Electron Story;
  • Creating Your First Desktop App With HTML, JS and Electron.
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