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You can view the alarm you set by opening the Alarm Mini App again; the alarm appears below the menu bar in the window. The Calculator window opens as shown in Figure 3, so you can start entering your calculations. As you type, you'll see the numbers appear in the calculation box at the top of the screen.

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Figure 3 You can delete a number or operator you entered by tapping the Delete button that appears to the right of the multiplication button and above the subtraction button. You can display a history of your calculations by tapping the down arrow below the calculation box to expand the box to fill the window. Swipe up and down within the box to view the history.

How to change default apps (Samsung Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113) Android 4.1.1

You can clear the calculation history by tapping Clear above the calculation box and to the left of the Delete icon. When you're finished viewing the history, display the keypad again by tapping the up arrow that appears below the calculation box. View the current calendar month and appointments for the current day by tapping the Calendar icon in the Mini Apps menu.

The current date is highlighted with a gray background and a blue circle. In Figure 4, the highlighted date is Saturday, May 11, Figure 4 Tap another date in the calendar to view events for that date; dates with events have small squares within each date box. If events are associated with a date, different-colored squares appear at the bottom of the date box that corresponds with the color code you have associated with the event.

For example, a red dot indicates an important event. Events for the selected date appear in the events area below the monthly calendar. If there are more than two events for that date, you can swipe up and down within the events area. If you want to view other months, swipe up and down within the calendar to go backward or forward in the calendar.

You can return to the current date by tapping the Today button above the calendar. If you want to add a new event to a selected date, tap the date in the calendar and then tap the Add icon that appears at the top of the Calendar window to the left of the Delete icon. You can type the event name in the Event window and then add the event to the calendar by tapping the Done button. When you open the Email Mini App for the first time, the Mini App window opens and prompts you to add a new email account by tapping in the window. After you tap in the window, the Set Up Email page within the Email app appears so you can add your new email account as you learned to do in Chapter 6 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

When you finish adding your email account, the Email app appears on the screen with the latest messages. Open the Email Mini App again to view all the messages in your account, as shown in Figure 5. Figure 5 The list of email messages is ordered from newest to oldest, and the newest message you received appears at the top of the list. Each message contains the message sender name, the date the message was received, and a brief description of the message.

Messages you haven't read appear in white boxes, and read messages appear in gray boxes. Tap on the message in the list to open the Email app and read the message on the screen. You can refresh the list by tapping the Refresh icon that appears to the left of the Close icon. You'll learn how to find that folder and others on your Tab 2 in the upcoming "Navigating My Files on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2" article. The list of songs in the folder is sorted from newest to oldest, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 The newest song that was added to the Music folder appears at the top of the list.

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If you don't have any songs in the Music folder, the default song, "Over the Horizon," appears in the list. In the title bar at the top of the window, tap the Play button the triangle in the box to view an image associated with the list. Return to the list view by tapping the list icon the three dots and three lines in the title bar.

Tap the song title in the list to start playing the song. At the bottom of the window, you'll see three icons that allow you to from left to right move to the start of the song, pause playback of the song, or move to the end of the song. The volume slider bar appears above the song list; you can change the volume by sliding the circle in the bar to the left or right to decrease or increase the volume. You can view two more Mini Apps in the menu by swiping in the Mini Apps menu bar from right to left.

One of those Mini Apps is the Task Manager, in which you can view your currently active applications and manage the memory on your Tab 2. Figure 7 The Active Applications section is open by default and shows all the active applications you have open on the Tab 2. Each active app is represented by a thumbnail image; the name of the app appears underneath the image.

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